Our Team

Associated Facilitators, LLC


Stan McChesneyStan McChesney, PE - Chief Executive Officer
Stan is a registered professional engineer and has a BS in Civil Engineering from The Citadel and a MS in Environmental Engineering from Clemson University. He has more than thirty years combined experience performing construction and engineering projects both in the USA and Internationally. This experience includes design and construction for industrial, environmental, civil, land development and transportation projects as well as project management experience. His client base has included local, regional, municipal, US and Latin American state and federal governments, DOD and Fortune 500 companies. He recently completed security and munitions storage projects for the US Army.
Mr McChesney spent five years in the US Air Force as a captain and a pilot.


TerryTerry Hill � Chief Operating Officer
Terry Hill began his construction career over thirty years ago in the public utility industry working as an engineer and later a project director with oversight of construction of wastewater treatment, water treatment, underground utilities and electrical utilities. Completed utility projects were the construction of a water treatment plant expansion increasing the capacity from 9 million gallons of water a day to 12 million gallons. A new raw water intake was constructed into a ground water source with pumps to transport raw water to a nearby reservoir. A gravity feed raw water main was then installed from the reservoir to the water treatment plant. New flocculation and sedimentation basins were constructed and new carbon filter beds installed. State of the art chlorination facilities were added to complete the project. Mr. Hill helped secure funding and was construction manager for the construction a one million gallon elevated steel water storage tank designed to be shaped like a �Peach� which became a local community landmark. This water tank provided capacity for additional industrial water customers and fire protection for the community. He also managed the design and construction of a 6 million gallon a day waste water treatment plant designed to treat residential and industrial waste water.

Mr. Hill joined a major US construction company that was primarily a Commercial and Industrial contractor in 1987 serving as project manager for a variety of construction projects. He later became Division Manager, Joint Owner and President of the company. During Mr. Hill�s five years of Presidency the company achieved it�s largest volume of revenues with a total staff in excess of fourteen hundred employees and a total business revenues of $115 million per year. His experience includes construction activities, employee relations and company financing. Mr. Hill presently holds general, mechanical, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing licenses in multiple states of The USA. He graduated college in 1972 with a BS degree in mathematics.


Michel Bayiha Michel Bayiha - Director - Business Development
Michel is a native of Cameroon and a graduate Engineer with specialization in transportation, Hydrology and municipal planning. He began practicing his skills as a Transportation Planner in 1990. As a Senior Managing Partner with Associated Facilitators, LLC he consults with our clients on business start-up, marketing, transportation, communications and raising business capital. He facilitates businesses in streamlining operations and strategic management.

 Michel Has lived in the USA for 29 years and has 24 years of business experience. He is a proven business and community Leader with extensive experience in operations and project management from transportation to production industries. His passion for quality and customer satisfaction is demonstrated in his record of improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability through quality controls and process improvement. He possesses outstanding interpersonal, motivational and analytical skills.